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[The 3rd 06 Lunar New Year Cup]

 - February 9, 2019 -

The 3rd "06 Lunar New Year Cup" was held on Pier 40 in an extreme cold evening. This event is modeled on the "Guangdong – Hong Kong Cup" held by Hong Kong and China every year during the Lunar New Year. Members who are not from these two places will be listed as foreign aid players and assigned to one of the teams. This event is held once a year during the Lunar New Year. This year, the Hong Kong team defeated the Guangdong team by 3-2 and regained the last lost championship.




[06 Official Soccer Balls and Membership Rewards Card]
- February 25, 2019 -

For the first time, 06UFC cooperated with foreign ball manufacturer to produce a total of 500 official training soccer balls for our training purposes. In addition, 06UFC also cooperated with a number of business partners to produce and issue "06 Rewards Card". The concept and purpose of this plan is to promote our business partners’ business in various industries while offering special discounts and promotions to hundreds of our members and staff.




[The Youth Training Program]
- March 23, 2019 -

After a long winter break, our Youth Soccer Training Program was re-launched in the Spring and continued training in Queens and Brooklyn every weekend. In addition, we also regularly organize free tryouts opportunities for children in the community. This year, three selection courses were held to attract a total of about 300 young players. However, only about 40 children were finally accepted as new youth members due to the limited spots.




[Official Youth Partnership with NYCFC]
- April 18, 2019 -

The 06UFC Soccer Academy was honored to become an official partner with the New York City Football Club (NYCFC), a professional league of the MLS. We are the first Asian soccer club to be officially recognized by the NYCFC. Because of the partnership, activities such as watching live professional matches and visiting NYCFC's home Yankee Stadium had been arranged. Our youth coaches also regularly participate in the coaching courses provided by NYCFC in order to obtain more professional license qualifications.




[The 2019 NE Cup]
- May 25, 2019 -

The 06UFC Adult Team went to Pennsylvania to participate in the 2019 NE Cup. We were drawn to Group A of the Open Group. We played 4 group matches in a day with 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Unfortunately, we failed to qualify for the knockout stage to the team who had 7 points and ranked second in the same group. In the end, the champion of NE Cup open group 2019 was won by NJ Newport-UIUC team from Group A.




[The 06 Soccer Summer Camp]
- July 1, 2019 -

This year, we started “06 Soccer Summer Camp” training class program to provide more children and young people with the opportunity to learn basic soccer skills. Our aim was trying to discover their soccer potential during the summer vacation. The training classes last for 9 weeks with 2 lessons per week. Training sessions were held in New York City's four major Chinese communities (Flushing, Chinatown, Sunset Park, and Maspeth) from Monday to Friday. This summer camp activity attracted a total of 70 young soccer players to participate.




[The Summer Classico 7v7 Tournament]
- July 20, 2019 -

The annual "Summer Classico 7v7 Tournament " was held on Randall's Island on the day with the New York City Government's hot weather warning. We were able to score a total of 22 goals in the first 5 rounds in order to reach the final. Unfortunately, our players were physically overdrawn under the high temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit and ended up the first runner-up of this competition.




[Farewell to Ryan Guo]
- August 17, 2019 -

Since 2016, Ryan Guo has been our number one goalkeeper. Ryan, nicknamed "06 De Gea", returned to the Mainland China for good at the end of August. In order to tribute Ryan, we hosted a simple farewell ceremony at Pier 40, our home field, on the evening of August 17. We thank him for his contribution to our team for the past three years. We wish him a bright future and will definitely see him again at the soccer field!




[The New York Chinese Soccer League]
September 7, 2019 -

06UFC and three other local Chinese teams (Aurora FC, New Power FC, and NYU-Metrotech 08) began to jointly organize and trial operate the "New York Chinese Soccer League" in June this year. On September 7th, the first round of the league began. After more than two months of home-and-away games, the 06UFC adult team won the first championship of the league.




[The 4th 06 Internal Youth Tournament]
- September 15, 2019 -

The 4th “06 Internal Youth Tournament” Soccer Championship was held on September 15th in Sunset Park, Brooklyn! This year, we had a record-breaking total of more than 170 youth members from Queens and Brooklyn registered to participate. The purpose of this internal championship is to review what our youth members have learned in the past and enjoy playing soccer within a competitive environment. The competition was divided into 6 different age groups. As a result, the beginner division U7, U9, U11 and advanced division U16 championship were won by the Queens groups, and the beginner division U14 and advanced division U13 championship were won by the Brooklyn groups.




[The 2nd Machine Cup Tournament]
- October 13, 2019 -

One of the most popular Chinese soccer events in New York City, "Machine Cup" hosted by 06UFC was held on October 13th at Flushing Meadows Corona Park Soccer Field 8 and 9. Six Chinese soccer teams from New York and New Jersey participated in this one-day tournament, including 06UFC, Aurora FC, Columbia University Chinese Soccer Team, New Bee Brothers FC, New Jersey Star FC and New Power FC. About 180 players competed for the championship in this tournament. After several fierce matches, both 06UFC and Aurora FC reached the final. With goalless within the standard time, the championship was decided by penalty shootouts. Aurora FC won the Machine Cup 2019 by scoring 4 to 3 in the penalty shootouts against 06UFC.




[The 1st Machine Youth Cup Tournament]
- November 3, 2019 -

In addition to adult soccer, we are also actively promoting the development of soccer for local children. Our first "Machine Youth Cup" tournament was held in Brooklyn Sunset Park on November 3rd. Five Chinese soccer clubs from the Greater New York area, including 06UFC, Aurora FC, FC Chinatown, UCODA United Community Oriented Development Association, and UEAA United East Athletics Association participated. The children were divided into two age groups, U11 and U14. Nine teams played a total of 18 intense matches. The "Machine Youth Cup" is regarded as the unprecedented and the first large-scale children and youth soccer tournament in the history of Chinese soccer in the Greater New York area. Our aim is to promote soccer to the local Chinese culture across levels and to provide platform for youth soccer players to communicate. After many games, 06UFC won the championship of U11 division, FC Chinatown won the championship of U14 division, and UEAA won the runner-up awards in both the U11 and U14 divisions.




[The 7th 06 Internal Cup]
- November 23, 2019 -

The 7th "06 Internal Cup" was the last competition of this year. This year, there were more than 40 adult members, divided into five teams to play in the tournament. The two teams with the highest points in the tournament played in the final to compete for the championship. The surprise of this year's tournament was overwhelming. Team A, which has a number of main players in our first team, lost all four games, while Team E won the "06 Internal Cup" championship this year! As usual, the names of all the championship team members will be engraved on the trophy of the "06 Internal Cup" as a memorial.




[Outstanding Community Service Award]
- December 31, 2019 -

On the New Year's Eve, 06UFC is honored to receive the "Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Community Service" award from the New York City Council, affirming our contribution and effort to actively promote soccer in the Chinese community in the New York City. We will continue to do our best to contribute to the local Chinese community in the future.




Finally, we would like to thank the following sponsors (in no particular order) for their full support in the 2019 season and the full cooperation of all team members, coaches, volunteers, and parents of our youth players! In 2020, it will be 06UFC’s 14th anniversary. We will continue to host more different types of soccer activities and persist our belief of developing soccer for our local Chinese community here in New York City.



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